Your choice in compassionate hospice and palliative care for your loved ones


ANGEL PALLIATIVE CARE AND HOSPICE is guided by a tradition of personal, clinical and technological excellence. We believe that serving patients in the community setting is the most important activity of the organization. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of patient care with compassion and respect for each person.


We aim to become a reputable hospice and palliative care provider in our community and beyond. Through consistent quality care, we work to leave a mark among our patients and make a difference in the families we serve.

a caregiver taking care of a woman

Who We Are

Angel Palliative Care and Hospice is a dedicated provider of palliative and hospice care in San Francisco Bay Area, California. Our well-trained and friendly healthcare team offers specialized services for people with life-limiting illnesses or chronic diseases. Using evidence-based care approaches, we work to promote wellness and improve our patients’ quality of life optimally.

Why Angel Palliative Care and Hospice?

  • We take an individualized approach in addressing our patients’ spiritual, emotional, and physical needs.
  • At Angel Palliative Care and Hospice, we believe in the sacred value of life and respecting our patients’ wishes about how they want to live.
  • Accepting hospice care can be a tough decision. Angel Palliative Care and Hospice will meet with the patient and the family to explain the benefit of Palliative Care and Hospice.

Non-Discrimination Statement

Angel Palliative Care and Hospice does not discriminate based on race, color, creed, sex, national origin, disability, sexual preference, age, or ability to pay.

a caregiver and a senior woman smiling at each other