Compassionate care for individuals diagnosed with a terminal illness

Our hospice care programs at Angel Palliative Care and Hospice are tailored to an individual’s unique needs. If your loved ones have been diagnosed with a life-limiting illness, we can help you provide appropriate care for them. Our team will coordinate with your healthcare providers to ensure your loved one gets the right attention and assistance.

Furthermore, our staff consists of experienced professionals that include registered nurses, spiritual counsels, care coordinators, volunteers, and more. Our ultimate goal is to improve your loved ones’ quality of life and help them make the most of their remaining days with ease and peace of mind.

We understand that patients are not the only ones who face challenges. Their families feel their pain, too. Hence, we extend our hospice programs to the emotional needs of their families. Our spiritual counselors provide bereavement support; our nurses and physicians conduct health education to help families understand their loved ones’ conditions.

a caregiver and a senior woman smiling at each other