Spiritual Care and Bereavement Services

“Endings matter, not just for the person but, perhaps even more, for the ones left behind.”

Atul Gawande, Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters in the End

Spiritual care is an important part of our comprehensive hospice program. Our chaplain, Rev. Hailey McKeefry, is experienced in providing spiritual care to patients and families during acute health crisis’ and at the end of life. We believe that anybody, even if they don’t identify themselves as religious, can benefit from spiritual care and the sense of peace, meaning, and the respite that it provides.

We are here to:

  • Provide spiritual care and counseling to patients and their families to understand and address the patient’s physical, emotional, social, and spiritual pain.
  • Support patients as they process thoughts and feelings around life and death in order to move forward spiritually even as they decline in health.
  • Acting as a liaison to your faith community.
  • Offer resources that support your end of life faith journey including creating connections with community faith leaders who can then provide the visits, practices, and rituals important to the patient and their family.

Bereavement Services
Grief is an individual experience and the journey toward healing is different for everyone. Whatever bereavement looks like for you, Angel Palliative Care & Hospice will not let you grieve alone. We want to help you through this time after your loved one has died.

Our commitment to you:

  • We will offer grief support for a minimum of a year following the death of a patient.
  • We will respond to you with services and support tailored to each individual.
  • We will provide one-on-one grief counseling for those who wish.
  • We will send ongoing resources via email or mail for those who want them.
  • We will offer a Celebration of Life annually to remember and honor those who have died and comfort those who remain.

To find out more about hospice spiritual care and how Angel Palliative Care and Hospice can help, or to be connected to these services, give us a call at 650-590-2530.

a caregiver and a senior woman smiling at each other